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Cone Insulin G1Ultrarapid-Acting Insulin Designed from Venom InsulinNov 23, 2016
Major Prion ProteinPeptide agonist for orphan G protein-coupled receptor Adgrg6Aug 22, 2016
Small Humanin like PeptidesNaturally mitochondrial-derived moleculesJun 08, 2016
NPGL & NPGMNeurosecretory Peptide in HypothalamusApr 21, 2016
Chimeric peptides derived from Relaxin 2, Relaxin 3, and INSL5as receptor agonists for RXFPsApr 14, 2016
Prosaptide and Thromospodin-1 derived peptidesApr 06, 2016
IrisinNew Publication Abstracts that Use Phoenix Irisin ProductsMar 29, 2016
Anti-inflammatory activity of MCP-1 / CCL2 derived peptideMar 04, 2016
Angiostatic Chemokines (CXCL4 / PF-4 and CXCL9 / MIG)Produce Pharmacological Effects on DiabetesFeb 29, 2016
New Ghrelin gene derived peptidesFeb 19, 2016
Antibody Production & Evaluation98% in house production and evaluationJan 26, 2016
FNDC4 / FRCP1 derived peptidesIrisin like peptide fragmentsNov 24, 2015
Long-lived Eu-labeled ligands for RXFPsavailable for RXFPs binding screen and biodistribution analysisNov 10, 2015
Pri sORF peptidesinduce selective proteasome-mediated protein processingNov 09, 2015
TNFa Dervied PeptideLow toxicity but effective inhibit tumor growth and angiogenesisNov 09, 2015
Prepro-ghrelin Derived PeptidesCF801, Obestatin, GOAT & moreOct 28, 2015
VasotideA prototype drug targeting two retinal VEGF receptors to reduce pathological angiogenesisOct 19, 2015
GLP-1 enhancer N55Active Ingredient in Fenugreek Seed for Positive Modulation of Glucagon-like Peptide-1 SignalingOct 07, 2015
Active Endostatin Fragments, JKC362, JKC367Oral Anti-fibrosis peptideOct 02, 2015
Functional Role of Phoenixin and its Precursor Protein, c4orf52one of the endogenous signaling molecules involved in itch transmissionOct 01, 2015
New peptides derived from augurin/ECRG4 preprohormoneRIA kits for prepro-Augurin (71-147) also availableSep 28, 2015
Human Salivary IrisinDetected from adult with Prader-Willi SyndromeSep 18, 2015
GDF-8 (Myostatin) Prodomain PeptideInhibit GDF-8 & GDF-11, potentially treating muscle atrophyAug 11, 2015
CRNDEPEncoded overexpressed CRNDEP in Highly Proliferating TissuesJul 24, 2015
Chromofungin / Prepro-Chromogranin A (65-84)Bioactive peptide that produces basal cardiac effects and postconditioning cardioprotective actionJul 14, 2015
Bioactive Apela/ELABELA/ToddlerImmunoassay Kits Also AvailableJul 07, 2015
RIA for C4orf32Potential Measurement for type 2 diabetesJul 01, 2015
Bioactive Irisinactivates vagal neurons to control cardiac vagal tone and link it to cardioprotective roleJun 08, 2015
Vasoconstriction inhibiting factor (VIF), Vasostatin and CatestatinBioactive chromogranin-A derived peptides that act via different mechanisms for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseaseApr 10, 2015
MOTS-cA novel bioactive mitochondrial-derived peptideMar 25, 2015
Does Irisin or FNDC5 exist in human circulation?A myth or an myokineMar 12, 2015
Bioactive Nesfatin-1-like peptide (NLP) for Obesity and Diabetes related studyMar 06, 2015
DecretinFinding the hormone for glucose regulationMar 04, 2015
Isotopic N,N-Dimethyl Leucine (iDiLeu) Reagentsfor Absolute Quantification of Peptides and Proteins Feb 20, 2015
f-MLF analogs strongly stimulate Formyl Peptide Receptors Feb 13, 2015
Myeloid-derived Growth Factor (C19orf10)mediates cardiac repair following myocardial infarctionJan 14, 2015
VesiculinIGF-II Derived Peptide for obesity and diabetes treatmentDec 31, 2014
Long INSL 5Extended N-terminus on A ChainDec 30, 2014
TWEAK ELISA, Protein & Peptide Fragmentsfor Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseasesDec 18, 2014
Neuregulin 4 (Nrg4)A Potential Treatment for T2D and NAFLDDec 15, 2014
Bioactive Peptides Libraryfor Diabetes Drug LeadsDec 11, 2014
Di-peptide, Trp-Hisactivates AMPK with AICAR, and enhances glucose uptakeDec 10, 2014
Stable Isotope-Labeled(SIL) PeptideGood Mass Resolution and Accuracy in QuantificationDec 08, 2014
Chromogranin B derived peptides Regulate storage and release of Catecholamines Nov 19, 2014
DILP3 and DILP5-DB variantNew peptides for the functional study in modeling metabolic disorders of the Drosophila cellsNov 18, 2014
Delta / Serrate / LAG-2 (DSL) PeptidesContain a disulfide-rich DSL domain for Notch trans-activation and cis-inhibitionNov 17, 2014
C-terminal Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) Peptideas a biomarker candidate for diagnosing prostate cancerSep 26, 2014
C6orf57 Peptides, Xenin-8, and Caerulein Analogs produce pharmacological effects on diabetesSep 03, 2014
PTHrP and UCP1Cancer Associated Proteins that Trigger CachexiaJul 25, 2014
Human Proteome Signature Peptides LibraryInternal standard for newly discovered protein quantificationJul 16, 2014
SuppressynNovel Endogenous Protein that Inhibits Cell FusionJul 09, 2014
GLP-1 Derived PeptidesNew Peptides for Pharmacology StudiesJun 24, 2014
Meteorin-like Protein / MetrnlRegulating immune-adipose interactionsJun 12, 2014
Nesfatin-2 RIA KitMeasure Tissue SamplesJun 06, 2014
AcSDKP and Thymosin Beta 4Tissue Repair and Wound HealingJun 06, 2014
IDE Inhibitor, 6bKExhibit anti-diabetic effect medicated by increasing multiple hormonesJun 03, 2014
C4orf32, C4orf34 & C4orf40Chromosome 4 Protein Derived PeptideJun 02, 2014
Elevated Circulating BetatrophinDoes Not Control Pancreatic Beta Cell ExpansionMay 23, 2014
H-RN PeptideDerived from Hepatocyte Growth Factor, inhibiting neovascularization in vitro and in vivoMay 15, 2014
PEDF & HGF ELISA KitProteins associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseasesMay 14, 2014
Ac2-26 and WKYMVmpromote the epithelial repair via formyl peptide receptors Apr 30, 2014
M-ANPPeptide that treats hypertension and hypertensive heart failureMar 26, 2014
Insulin-like 3 (INSL3) RIA Kitthe choice of treatment for men with congenital Hypogonadotropic HypogonadismMar 20, 2014
Novel TRAIL Isoform and Multimerized TRAIL Mimicsfor Specific Cell Apoptosis StudiesMar 14, 2014
Bioactive Secretory Peptide/Protein Library Availablefor functional discoveryMar 05, 2014
gPeptide Library1000 Bioactive Peptide and Protein LigandsFeb 24, 2014
Irisin and FGF21Cold-Induced Endocrine Activators of BAT FunctionFeb 07, 2014
Bioactive FractalkinePeptides and ELISA kit for the neuroinflammatory and metabolic diseaseJan 13, 2014
Bioactive Human Relaxin-2Phoenix Provides Bulk Quantity of Relaxin-2Dec 19, 2013
AdipoRonOrally Adiponectin-Like Small Molecule that Activates AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 ReceptorsDec 18, 2013
GnRH / LHRHActivation of GPR173 and GPR 101 by GnRH (1-5)Dec 09, 2013
CCHamide 1 & 2Ligands for Bombesin-receptor subtype 3 Dec 04, 2013
WE-14 / Prepro-Chromogranin A (342-355)A biomarker for diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseaseNov 27, 2013
Mini-Relaxin 2for RXFPs Bioactivity ResearchNov 15, 2013
Betatrophin Poster for APIPS 2013 (Last updated on 05/28/2014)C-terminal betatrophin for the study of metabolic deseasesNov 07, 2013
ANGPTL 3 & 4Synthetic ANGPTL Peptide Fragments for Diabetes ResearchOct 24, 2013
Nesfatin-1, 2, 3Increased Levels in ObesityOct 15, 2013
Betatrophin Kits Now AvailableBoth ELISA and Radioactive KitsSep 19, 2013
MRAP2A Protein Associate with ObesitySep 13, 2013
SCNH2Potent Mitogenic and Chemotactic FactorSep 12, 2013
AlamandinePeptide Discovered in Human Blood CirculationJul 25, 2013
CCKsvA potential hormone encoded by splicing variant of CCK geneJul 25, 2013
DILP 6IGF-like peptide regulating nonfeeding growth in DrosophilaJul 10, 2013
EndotrophinPeptide That Links Obesity to CancerJun 04, 2013
S961Insulin Receptor AntagonistMay 13, 2013
All About BetatrophinSynthetic Betatrophin Peptide Fragments for Diabetes ResearchApr 29, 2013
Detection of Irisin/FNDC5 on Adipose Tissues by Using Phoenix Anti-Irisin AntibodyApr 19, 2013
Macrocyclic Peptide Inhibitorsfor “Multidrug and Toxic Compound ExtrusionApr 16, 2013
Periostin ELISA Kitassociated with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseasesFeb 11, 2013
PEDF-Derived PeptidesNew RIA Kits AvailableJan 09, 2013
Evidence of CNSplays an important role to control metabolismDec 11, 2012
A Total Solid Phase Synthesis of DILP8Poster for the 6th international conference on Relaxin and related peptidesNov 02, 2012
Novel Paradigm of Metabolic RegulationDevelopment of white VS. brown adipose tissueOct 18, 2012
Irisin - Antibody Stainings, Sequences, ReferencesExercise hormone may give white fat brown fat propertiesOct 17, 2012
SarcolipinThe Regulator of Muscle-based Thermogenesis in MammalsOct 15, 2012
Nobel Price Winner for GPCR ResearchPhoenix offers the most sophisticated gPeptides around the worldOct 10, 2012
C Peptide of INSL-5Role in Glucose Homeostasis?Oct 09, 2012
C-peptide of INSL 7/Relaxin-3Play a Role as NeurotransmitterOct 09, 2012
Insulin-like 5 Peptide (INSL 5)Circulated Hormone that Potentiates Insulin/GLP-1 Secretion and Plays a Role in “Glucose HomeostasisOct 08, 2012
Novel Neuropeptide LvA Regulator of L-type Voltage-gated Channels in Cone PhotoreceptorsOct 08, 2012
Pepcan-12, Novel Endogenous Allosteric Modulator at CB1 ReceptorResearch Articles & Sequence Comparation among MammalsSep 24, 2012
Novel Neutrophil-activating cryptides from mitochondrial cytochrome C Sep 18, 2012
Isolation and Identification of Augurin Peptide from the Bovine HypothalamusPoster for 32 EPSSep 11, 2012
An New Alzheimers Disease MarkerVGF, Prepro (373-417) from Neurosecretory Protein VGFAug 06, 2012
Secreted DILP8 differentially expressed in tumorsKey to Insect Growth Rate and MaturationJul 03, 2012
Phoenixin - Exclusively from Phoenix PharmaceuticalsBioactive peptide discovered in brain and heartMay 24, 2012
T Helper Cell-induced Peptide 5 / Thp5Bioactive peptide that drives Th2 DifferentiationApr 09, 2012
Chasing the various biological activities for the peptides derived from prepro-AugurinNew Rat Prepro Augurin Peptide & Kits AvailableMar 23, 2012
New TLQP-derived Peptides and KitTPGH, TLQP-10, TLQP-11, TLQP-21 and TLQP-30Mar 16, 2012
Human YP-30 and DCD-1LNew Bioactive Antimicrobial PeptidesMar 14, 2012
UN 1,2,3 / Thrombin Preproprotein and Comb 1Peptides promote wound healingMar 07, 2012
Spexin / NPQ (Human, Mouse)A new GI Peptide Hormone and NeuropeptideFeb 08, 2012
Magnetic Beads for PeptidomicsCoated in anti-peptide Ab, streptavidin, etc.: A useful tool for PeptidomicsDec 20, 2011
Europe Contact Information UpdatedContact or france@phoenixpeptide.euDec 15, 2011
Custom TritiationCustom Peptide Tritiation from the Peptide ExpertsNov 28, 2011
ISO certificationISO certificationNov 20, 2011
Adropin, Research Abstracts, Kits Standard Curves & SequencesEIA and RIA kits now availableOct 21, 2011
FGF-2, Research Abstracts and SequencesBioactive peptides, Derived from Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (FGF2)Oct 18, 2011
In2-GhrelinRegulated in Pituitary and Hypothalamus in Response to Metabolic Stress Oct 06, 2011
FGF23 - Research Abstracts & SequencesExpression of FGF23 receptor not only in kidney but also in vascular tissue: applications for C-terminal FGF23 peptidesOct 05, 2011
New In1-Ghrelin Human RIA Kits AvailableA novel human ghrelin variant (in1-ghrelin) and ghrelin-o-acyltransferase are overexpressed in breast cancerAug 30, 2011
Custom-Synthesized Peptide LibraryDesign your own library of unique peptidesAug 01, 2011
A Beta 40-S26C Monomer and DimerSoluble amyloid Jul 08, 2011
SerpininEIA kits available for Chromogranin A-derived, secreted peptide up-regulates Nexin-1 and granule biogenesisMay 18, 2011
AMP IGFBP-5Antimicrobial PeptideMar 10, 2011
740Y-P: Activates PI3 kinase to generate mature oocytesCell-permeable phosphopeptide which activates PI 3-kinase, binding with high affinity to its p85 subunit.Feb 09, 2011
Pyroglutamate Amyloid-beta PeptidesCrucial in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Jan 21, 2011
Osteoblast Activating Peptide (OBAP)Functional peptides derived from NDUFV3, mitochondrial isoform 2Aug 25, 2010
SFRP-5 and WNT-5aAdipocytes secrete SFRP5 and Wnt-5a to regulate downstream targets and Insulin sensitivityAug 05, 2010
Big NERP-2 & TLQP-62Proteolytic fragments of VGF protein C-terminusJun 11, 2010
AQEE-30 / Prepro VGF(586-615)VGF levels were increased after nerve injuryJun 03, 2010
R-SPONDIN-1Rspondin-1 is a novel {beta}-cell growth factor and insulin secretagogue. May 20, 2010
hSDF-1-alphaCytokine-Pre-B-cell growth-stimulating factor (PBSF)May 11, 2010
Kisspeptin AntagonistBlocks LH ReleaseApr 30, 2010
Aprotinin Stability TestingAprotinin Inhibitory Activity on TrypsinApr 07, 2010
Phoenix Europe Contact InfoNew Phone Number for Phoenix EuropeNov 25, 2009
AICD can contribute to AD pathology independently of AbetaAlzheimer’s Diseases Related PeptidesNov 11, 2009
AM2 receptors: C7Selective high-affinity antagonist of AM2 receptorOct 15, 2009
Antihypertensive TripeptidesVPP and IPP improve vascular endothelial function independent of blood pressureSep 24, 2009
Brain Natriuretic Peptides (BNP)A Powerful Indicator of Long-term Mortality in Patients with Acute Coronary SyndromeJul 31, 2009
CRAMP (Mouse) Antibody Immunostaining in Human lung cancer & Rat/Mouse lung tissueJul 31, 2009
Gastrin Releasing Peptide (GRP) and Its C-Terminal Bioactive FragmentsTumor related PeptidesJul 29, 2009
Synaptotagmin IV FragmentsSynaptotagmin IV is a multifunctional regulator of peptidergic nerve terminalsJul 29, 2009
Cell Penetrating PeptidesCargo PeptidesJul 02, 2009
FGF-21 - Research Abstracts, Antibody Stainings, Kits Standard Curves & SequencesMapping in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma & Liver TissueJun 18, 2009
Identification of Orphan Peptides by the Regulated Secretory Pathway (RSP) & PeptidomicsIdentification of Orphan PeptidesApr 13, 2009
Brain and Venom Peptide LibraryNew bioactive peptides from beesFeb 27, 2009
Ac HMWLYF Amide and Ac HMQLYF amideTwo peptide ligands for 5-OXO-ETE receptorFeb 25, 2009
BMAP-18A Modified Bovine Host Defense PeptideFeb 10, 2009
GHTD-AmideA naturally occurring beta cell-derived peptide with hypoglycemic activityJan 28, 2009
AGRP (Human)AGRP (25-82): Inhibiting Active Form of AGRP binds to MC4RJan 23, 2009
Oxyntomodulin, Research Abstracts, Antibody Stainings, Immunoassay Kits, & SequencesZero Cross Reaction with GlucagonDec 10, 2008
Oxyntomodulin, Research Abstracts, Antibody Stainings, Immunoassay Kits, & SequencesZero Cross Reaction with GlucagonDec 10, 2008
Bradykinin and Related PeptidesCardiovascular peptidesDec 03, 2008
Chemerin / TIG2Chemerin / TIG2, GPCR ligandDec 03, 2008
Active Domain of Antisecretory Factor - Reseach Abstracts, Antibody Stainings & SequencesHelps Prevent Neurological Malfunction and DeathDec 02, 2008
Ghrelin O-acyltransferaseGhrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT); (GOAT) Inhibitor & AntibodyDec 01, 2008
PBAN A Ligand for GPCR , PBAN-RNov 19, 2008
New Peptide Agonists for GPCRsThe New Endogenous Peptide Agonists for GPCRsNov 12, 2008
OEA (Oleoylethanolamide)A Bioactive Lipid-derived factor inhibiting food intake by activation of PPAR-alpha and GPR119Sep 30, 2008
Tumstatin (69-88)(H)An Anti-Angiogenic PeptideSep 26, 2008
SLEEPLESS ProteinA sleep-promoting factorAug 13, 2008
NEW Antibodies Available NowMost Comprehensive Antibody list aroundJul 22, 2008
TRB3TRB3 is a mammalian homolog of Drosophila tribbles, functions as a negative modulator of AktJul 18, 2008
Genome Poemby, Dr. Bob Speth Am. J. Med. Genet. 2003 120A: 308Jun 23, 2008
Vesicular Acetylcholine Transporter AntibodyVesicular Acetylcholine Transporter Jun 11, 2008
Neuropeptide S & N-terminal NPSActivation of Neuropeptide S ReceptorMay 20, 2008
Relaxin & Relaxin-Related PeptidesRelaxin and Relaxin-related PeptideMay 20, 2008
AlarinAlarin, a new cardiovascular peptideMay 20, 2008
INSL-3 C-peptide Assay KitsA Phoenix's innovative protential biomarker for hormone dysregulation between gendersMay 09, 2008
OsteocrinBone-specific Secreted ProteinMay 07, 2008
Musclin / OsteocrinSee Osteocrin for more detailsMay 07, 2008
Fluorescent EIA KitNew Super Sensitive Fluorescent EIA KitsApr 28, 2008
MMG2Myomodulin Gene 2 -derived PeptidesFeb 08, 2008

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